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How to store the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-23
How to store the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform? We all know that the lifting cage platform is filled with hydraulic oil from time to time. When we use the lifting platform daily, hydraulic oil is an important link. The normal operation of the lifting cage platform is inseparable from hydraulic pressure. The quality of the oil and the replacement of the hydraulic oil are also very important when maintaining the hydraulic lifting platform. We cannot ignore the importance of the hydraulic oil. We must buy a good hydraulic oil and a suitable hydraulic oil for the hydraulic lifting platform. So how should we store the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform in normal times? 1. Filtration system. When the oil is transferred to the barrel or the oil is filled, three filtrations should be performed, that is, filter when the drum is turned, filter when the oil is collected, and filter when the equipment is refueled. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil drum, oil filling port, funnel mouth, etc., Dezhou hydraulic lifting platform, Strictly prevent impurities from entering the oil port. 2. Establish a container cleaning system. Oil containers should be cleaned frequently and strictly managed to prevent confusion and ensure that the containers are clean. 3. Establish an oil custody system. The oil entering the warehouse should be stored and kept according to the brand name, and it is strictly prohibited to put it in the open. At the same time, it should not be placed in the open air in the sun or rain. The price of the hydraulic lifting platform should not be close to the fire source. 4. Establish a new oil tank laboratory testing system. Before the oil storage, sampling and testing must be carried out first, and unqualified oil products are not allowed to be used in the storage, and the quality of the good oil when entering the storage is strictly controlled. 5. Establish a regular sampling and testing system for oil stocks. In order to ensure the quality of the oil products out of the warehouse, it is necessary to regularly sample and test the stock oil. Oil products that are found to be unqualified after laboratory tests shall be handled in a timely manner, and shall not be used without the consent of the relevant technical department. Establish a label storage system. In order to avoid confusion of hydraulic oil types, the labels should be filled in and recorded in time. 6. The hydraulic oil used must be clean and free of impurities, especially water or particles. Generally, replace the hydraulic oil every 6 months. 119.
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