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How to store the hydraulic oil used in the lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-29
As a customer, you have purchased a hydraulic lifting cage platform. Then comes the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform. Without it, your elevator equipment is also a display and will not be able to be used. Let me introduce you to the elevator on this topic. The use and storage of hydraulic oil, that is how to store hydraulic oil? The hydraulic oil used in the lifting platform belongs to the special oil variety, which is different from the flammable and explosive oils such as diesel and gasoline. This oil has a higher ignition point and volatilization point. The ignition point of general hydraulic oil is between 230 and 250, the domestic standard temperature, so it cannot be reached in our daily environment. However, due to the different nature of the industries we serve in the lifting platform industry, when some special industries such as steel and chemical industries are used in high temperature and corrosive industries, we must pay attention to the storage location and thermal insulation protection, and stay away from flammable and explosive materials. Under normal circumstances, the hydraulic oil used in the lifting cage platform will not explode, but when it reaches the ignition point, it will cause a fire, especially when a large amount of hydraulic oil reaches the ignition point, volatilization and space mixing cause serious accidents. Therefore, the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform must be stored away from high temperature and flammable and explosive. Through the above, if necessary, please give us a phone call, and you only need a phone call, and we will do the rest. We strive to provide high-quality service in exchange for your advice to Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Trust and support.
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