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How to use the battery-type lifting platform correctly

by:Powerston     2021-07-10
The battery-type lifting platform can achieve perfect lifting cage through the DC battery carried by itself without an external power supply. This lifting platform breaks the previous manual push mode and can achieve walking and lifting effects with only one person. Then, What are the usage rules for this type of lifting platform? Let me explain to you about the Jusou lifting cage platform. First of all: Personnel who have not been trained and qualified and have obtained operating and driving qualification certificates are strictly prohibited from operating battery lifts. Second: Preparation before driving ① Read the manual carefully before operation, understand the driving and use requirements, and master the driving performance parameters of the vehicle. ②Check whether the battery is full. ③Check the oil level and water level of the chassis according to the requirements of the use of the chassis before driving. ④Check the hydraulic oil level to ensure that the amount of oil in the hydraulic tank reaches the specified value. ⑤Check whether the upper and lower arms are in position, and they must not be suspended. ⑥Check whether there are any missing tools or items in the working platform, and if there are any, remove them in time. When driving, there are no fixed items placed inside the working platform. ⑦Check whether the outriggers are fully retracted. ⑧ Check whether the power take-off joystick has disengaged the power take-off gear from the automobile gearbox. ⑨Check whether the tire pressure is appropriate. In winter, the tire pressure should be appropriately reduced to increase the contact area between the tire and the ground and increase the friction. ⑩Check whether the lubrication performance of the pin shaft of the battery construction lift table is good, and polish the lubricating oil in time. 3. Selection of working place ① The maximum allowable inclination angle of the ground of the working place is 5°. If you need to work on a slope, you should park the car head in the direction of the top of the slope. ②When working on the highway, the distance between the vehicle body and the edge of the road should be no less than 760mm (the length of the outriggers), and the hazard warning signal light should be turned on in time. ③The battery-type lifting platform shall not work in areas with fire and explosion hazards, or in corrosive environments. ④The operating temperature range of the operating vehicle is -25℃~40℃, and it is not allowed to work at a temperature outside this range. ⑤The relative humidity of the environment is not more than 90% (25℃). ⑥ It is forbidden to work when the light is dim or the visibility is low. ⑦The altitude does not exceed 1000m. ⑧When the wind force exceeds level 6, the operating vehicle must not work. ⑨When there are wires passing through the working range, a sufficient safety distance should always be maintained. ⑩The working vehicle workshop should keep a sufficient safe distance from cliffs and ditches. 4. Prohibited matters ① When working, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the lifting cage arm. ②It is forbidden to work with height-enhancing methods such as stools and ladders during operation, and the center of gravity of the body shall not be protruded out of the bottom plate of the working platform. ③It is strictly forbidden to throw objects from or onto the working platform. ④It is strictly forbidden to construction lift and climb colleagues to work. ⑤It is strictly forbidden to use hooks to construction lift objects buried in the ground under unknown conditions, and it is strictly forbidden to drag heavy objects horizontally to avoid accidents caused by overload. ⑥ It is strictly forbidden to overload operation, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out aerial operations without wearing seat belts. ⑦When carrying out high-altitude operations, there should be an operator beside the vehicle, ready to carry out emergency operations at any time. ⑧It is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle when the power take-off gear is not disengaged. ⑨Do not change the setting value of the hydraulic valve at will. ⑩It is strictly forbidden to drive the battery-type lifting platform during the lifting process. When the equipment is dropped to the lowest end, the walking operation should be carried out. To sum up: the performance of the battery-type lifting platform is slightly superior in similar high-altitude operations. With the popularization of high-altitude operations, the battery-type lifting platform will gradually be known to people. Efficient is the real purpose of use.
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