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How to use the mobile boarding bridge?

by:Powerston     2021-07-03
Mobile boarding bridges are no strangers to logistics and warehousing companies. It is used in conjunction with a forklift to load and unload goods, which can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce work difficulty, and effectively ensure the safety of goods. Of course, the prerequisite for achieving this effect is that the enterprise can operate the mobile boarding bridge correctly. It is a pity that many companies often make mistakes when using mobile docking bridges, which causes unnecessary damage to the docking bridges and reduces the service life of the mobile docking bridges.  Before using the mobile docking bridge, check whether the oil unloading valve of the equipment is tightened first, and start operation only after confirming that the oil unloading valve is tightly closed. At the same time, the operator should undergo professional training and have a full understanding and understanding of the use and maintenance of the mobile boarding bridge. This will not only help to operate the equipment proficiently, but also facilitate the discovery of equipment abnormalities and malfunctions. He said that under normal circumstances, the operation of the mobile docking bridge is divided into the following steps:    1. Use a hydraulic lever to roll the mobile docking bridge to the required height, which should generally be higher than the truck box plate 2. The truck reverses to the landing bridge tongue area, open the manual pump valve, let the landing bridge tongue drop slowly, press it on the bottom of the cargo box of the truck, and then lock the manual pump valve 3. Put down the mobile landing bridge Support frame to ensure that the boarding bridge is supported on the ground stably. 4. Use the hooks on both sides of the boarding bridge lip to fix the mobile boarding bridge to both sides of the truck to prevent the boarding bridge from separating from the truck. The brake blocks on both sides of the boarding bridge are placed behind the tires to prevent the tires from slipping off. 6. Lower the tail plates on both sides of the mobile boarding bridge to make the boarding bridge slope and connect the ground to the truck. 7. When it is confirmed that the equipment is completely fixed , After the support frame is stable and the brake blocks are effectively placed, you can start to use the mobile docking bridge. Gu Jun reminds the enterprise that after the mobile docking bridge tongue plate is connected with the truck, the manual valve must be locked and the two sides of the tongue plate must be locked. The hook fixes the docking bridge and the truck, which can effectively avoid the separation of the mobile docking bridge and the truck, causing unnecessary personal injury and cargo loss.   In addition, I also remind everyone that during the use of mobile docking bridges, pay attention to keeping the equipment in a labor-free state, and do not let the mobile docking bridge cylinders work with high loads for a long time to extend the service life of the equipment.
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