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Hydraulic lifting cargo lifting platform--the bonded area ushered in the spring of development

by:Powerston     2021-09-09
With the development of the economy, the state has increased its support and encouragement to the bonded area, and the bonded area has ushered in the spring of development. Next, the mechanical editor of the manufacturer of hydraulic lifting cargo lifting cage platform will take the Chongqing Free Trade Zone as an example to focus on the introduction. The Hailing International Construction Machinery Trading Center in the Chongqing Free Trade Port Zone has begun to attract investment and will build the largest professional construction machinery trading market in the western region in the future. Hailing International Construction Machinery Trading Center occupies an area of u200bu200babout 350 acres and has an investment of more than 800 million yuan. After the project is completed, the annual transaction volume will exceed 10 billion yuan, with a radiation area of u200bu200b1 million square kilometers. At present, the main project of the trading center has been fully capped, and it is initially expected to open early next year. The entire professional construction machinery trading market covers more than ten categories such as excavation machinery, soil shovel and transportation machinery, construction hoisting machinery, industrial vehicles, compaction machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, etc., and hundreds of projects will be gathered in the future Machinery brands, including dozens of excavator brands. With the help of the national policy to support and encourage this shareholder spirit in the bonded zone, its construction will proceed like a raging fire, and it will also bring good opportunities for the development of hydraulic lifting cage platforms. More exciting content: Recommendations from manufacturers of hydraulic lifting platforms: Matters needing attention when cleaning the cylinders of hydraulic lifting platforms How do the various parts of the hydraulic lifting platform work together?
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