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In the future, the hydraulic lifting platform market will develop in a more diversified direction

by:Powerston     2021-09-21
Now the hydraulic lifting platform is the most widely used cargo handling equipment in logistics companies. The lifting platform is widely used in various factories and companies. It has high safety factor, large load capacity, stable lifting, energy saving and environmental protection. Hotels, canteens, supermarkets and shopping malls, Airport stations, municipal gardens, high-altitude cleaning and other industries. There are many types of lifting platforms in shopping malls, and their uses are also different: 1. Mobile hydraulic lifting platform: This is the most widely used one, suitable for loading and unloading Unfixed occasions; 2. Fixed hydraulic lifting platform: suitable for fixed loading and unloading occasions such as docks, cargo platforms, warehouses, etc.; 3. Embedded hydraulic lifting platform: it is a lifting platform embedded in the loading and unloading operation platform, device After the completion, the main board surface of the lifting platform and the upper surface of the loading and unloading operation platform are level; recommended reading: How to solve the fixed lifting platform maintenance? 4. Platform-side hydraulic lifting platform: It does not need to dig pits or reserve pits in advance on the operating table for loading and unloading goods.It is directly installed at the edge position of the front section of the loading and unloading platform, and there is basically no change to the structure of the building. Equipment with significant advantages like the lifting platform has exerted infinite effects in their respective categories, so what will the future development trend of the lifting platform be like? Today, the editor of Bali Machinery will analyze it in detail with us: 1 In recent years, the logistics industry has been developing rapidly, and the comparison of logistics equipment development has been rapid. Various large logistics equipment manufacturers have spent huge amounts of money on research and development, and strive to occupy an advantageous position in the competition of shopping malls. The rapid development of the logistics industry has made the value of lifting platforms increasingly demonstrated , It can greatly improve the power of loading and unloading, and improve the flexibility and power of the use of logistics equipment. 2. Because of the globalization of the economy, most of China's machinery manufacturing companies have targeted the world market, and the volume of machinery exports has grown steadily. Development is also a hot topic in the world. Logistics equipment is also regarded by most logistics equipment production companies in the world as one of the most promising careers in the future. China's logistics equipment has been steadily improving in quality over the years, and the world's competitiveness has become increasingly strong. Hydraulic lifting The export volume of logistics equipment such as platforms has steadily increased over the years. According to statistics from relevant departments, China’s industrial output of lifting platforms has now ranked second in the world. With the rise of many manufacturers, and the coveting of domestic shopping malls by foreign lifting cage platform manufacturers, market competition It is also increasing. In order to improve their own competitiveness, the diversified development of customized lifting platform equipment is an inevitable trend for lifting platform manufacturers based on the diverse requirements of shopping malls. For this reason, many powerful manufacturers continue to invest a lot of scientific research funds. Discuss and produce new lifting platform equipment that meets the needs of domestic shopping malls.
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