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Inspection Requirements Of Building Maintenance Hoist Gondola

Inspection Requirements Of Building Maintenance Hoist Gondola


Inspection requirements before electrification are as below:

1.   The power supply is 380V three-phase grounding power supply, and the power cable is reliably fixed.

2.   Roof suspension mechanism is placed stably, fixed firmly, connection bolt is not loose, and counter weight is placed reliably.

3.   Safety rope buckle is clamped correctly and the nut is tightened, steel wire rope should be separated without knot, winding and bending.

4.   Hoist motor, safety lock and suspension platform should be installed correctly, tightly. The cable connector is correct and tight, no obvious protrusions on the cable construction elevation.

5.   After the hanging cradle is electrified, check switches in the panel box whether they are working sensitively.

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