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Installation, cleaning and debugging of hydraulic system of lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-07-11
What is the knowledge of the installation, cleaning and debugging of the hydraulic system of the lifting cage platform? Many customers and friends may not be very clear about the operation. Below are the staff of the lifting cage platform manufacturer to introduce to you that when installing hydraulic components, the components must be subjected to pressure and sealing experiments. The hydraulic oil pump and its transmission must be high. Concentricity, even the flexible coupling should be as concentric as possible. It is necessary to ensure that the concentricity is below 0.1mm and the inclination angle is not more than 1°. Various control valves should pay attention to the detailed orientation of the oil inlet and the oil return port. The hydraulic components are attributed to high-precision components. The cooperation gap is small. During the installation process of the hydraulic system of the elevator freight elevator, once metal chips or magazines are mixed in, it will severely cause the wear or jam of the components and other bad phenomena, and even cause major accidents, so it is clean. The operation is very necessary. The first cleaning is carried out with hydraulic oil and the oil pump is used for intermittent operation. The oil pipe is quietly knocked several times with a hammer. The cleaning time is usually 24-48h depending on the pollution of the system. The second cleaning is for the entire system. Clean and make the system work with no load, and make the whole system fill with oil at about 1-3h. Have you learned how to install, clean and debug the hydraulic system of the lifting cage platform through the staff of the lifting platform manufacturer? Hope our introduction can help you better
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