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Installation method of bolts on electric working platform

Installation method of bolts on electric working platform


Electric hanging work platform is a kind of operation equipment used in the construction project of aerial work, there is an electric motor to promote the work platform to achieve the rise and fall, in order to facilitate the construction team to carry out construction work, in the installation process of electric lifting gondola , the assembly of the work platform needs to pay more attention.

 Place the bottom of the three columns on a level ground according to "one font", and align the cross sections closely with each other.Insert a high bar plate into the upper end of the bar body and install the M8×65 stability screw in the middle part.Embed the other columns in the same way.

Install the M12×140 screw at the common junction of the adjacent two column bottoms and the column plates.If it cannot be installed, gently shake the plate to align the hole position;Install screw M12×130 on the adjacent column;Position the headstock on both sides of the working platform so that the roller side of the "L" plate faces into the working platform.The two men lift one end of the platform slightly, install the M12×130 screw, and install the other head holder in the same way.Lift the electric work platform hoist into the working platform and place it vertically on both sides of the working platform.Loosen the 2 M10 x 100 connecting screws and remove the connecting pin.Then lift the hoist to install the head mounting bracket.Install the safety lock in the 2 "L" shaped splints on top of the head frame, with the roller end facing into the working platform.

The electrical box is mounted in the middle of the high column plate, and one side with buttons faces the working platform.Remove the "L" hook and Angle it again so that it hooks onto the railing.Keep the limit line stable on the safety lock, connect the motor to the electrical box, connect the handle to the electrical box, and connect the total power line to the electrical box.

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