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Installation of Single Cage Construction Hoist

Installation of Single Cage Construction Hoist


1.      Clean the foundation surface

2.      Level the installation site and tighten the anchor bolts

3.       Install the base section and tighten the bolts

4.       Install the lower buffer spring of the cage

5.      Lift the cage into position

6.      Loosen the brake on the motor. The method is as follows: first remove two pins, mark the nut opening before removing, and reset the two nuts after tightening

7.      Use lifting equipment to lift the driving-vehicle

8.      Locate the driving-vehicle precisely from top of mast section

9.      Adjust driving-vehicle and the hanging cage with earboard in same line, insert a transmission pin then fix it with split pin.(If it is a lift installed with overload device, insert a sensor pin, then put the limit slot upward and firm it with board)

10.  Replace the brake

11.  Measure the perpendicularity of each mast, ensure the straightness of each vertical pipe of mast is less than 1/1500 in two directions.

12.  Adjust the hoist mast by put solid steel washer between the frame and the foundation

13.   When the guide rail frame is adjusted to the vertical position, press 4 anchor bolts with 350N torque

14.   Adjust the verticality of the outer cage door frame with the same method, the verticality of the outer cage door is less than 1/1000 in two directions

15.  Install the safety railing on the cage roof

16.  Adjust the door lock

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