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Installation of Twin Cage Construction Material Hoist

Installation of Twin Cage Construction Material Hoist


1.      Install the  left part of the construction material hoist with  the method of installing the single cage elevator

2.      Connect the right part of enclosure by bolts

3.      Adjust the perpendicularity of the door frame of the cage and fasten the anchor bolts

4.      Loosen the brake of the motor in the cage

5.      Lift the cage with the crane equipment

6.      Position the hanging cage accurately

7.      Replace the brake

Due to transportation needs, when the lift outer cage is disintegrated, the outer cage should be assembled according to the parts drawing, and adjust the verticality of guide rail frame and door frame, and then put the hanging cage in place to carry out the lifting cage and the adjustment after the installation of the outer cage:

1.      Remove the wooden beams or bolts used during transportation

2.      Make sure  the gap between the rack and pinion is 0.5mm

3.      Make sure the interval between the back of rack and the guide rollers is 0.5mm

4.      Make sure the interval between each roller and the mast pipe is  0.5mm

5.      All doors should be flexible

6.      Install buffer spring

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