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Installation requirements of mast lifting building construction hoist elevator

Installation requirements of mast lifting building construction hoist elevator


1.      Technical disclosure for safe construction

Technical disclosure should be specific and targeted, and should take record.

Disclosure contents: personnel, work types and responsibilities involved in the installation, lifting capacity and characteristics of the hoisting equipment , working environment, safe operation rules, precautions and protective measures.

2.      Check the installation site and construction site environment

The road at the site of installation must be easy to get in and out of the transport vehicles, and there must be leveled ground for stacking construction lifts that meet the installation requirements.

There shall be no other structures or high-voltage lines etc within the construction scope of auxiliary machinery for installation. 

The station foundation of the auxiliary machinery for installation must meet the hoisting requirements, and there shall be no void, grave, groove and other unsolid structure under the foundation, and the bearing capacity of the foundation must meet the requirements.

      The installation site shall have enough energy power supply, and shall be equipped with a power box for the use of the lift, each cage shall be controlled by a switch.

3.      Carefully check the reliability of installation tools, equipment and safety protective equipment (including auxiliary tools such as truck crane, auxiliary tools such as rope, clasp, safety protective equipment, etc.) to make sure that there is no problem before construction.

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