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Installment Requirements of Electric Lifting Platform

Installment Requirements of Electric Lifting Platform


Electric lifting platform is the safety guarantee for workers working at high altitude, so it must use special construction plan, and the load capacity of lifting platform bracket support should be checked to meet requirements, so that can ensure safety.

The supporting place of construction should bear all the weight of electric lifting platform, the front bracket should not be supported on the parapet, the extension length of front beam should comply with product manual. The front bracket is perpendicular to support surface, and the upper bracket should be fixed at the node of front bracket and cantilever beam.

The  force exerted by lifting suspension mechanism on the roof should meet the requirement of the building structure. The extension length of the front beam should meet the requirement product specification, lifting platform should use counter weight, and can not be replaced by sandbags, bricks and other objects.

The counter weight should conform to requirements, should be fixed and prevented from movement.

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