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Instructions for use of mobile lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-01
There are many types of mobile lifting platforms, which are multi-functional heavy lifting cage platforms. The manual mobile type is relatively more people use. Then let the editor take you to learn about the relevant information of the mobile lifting platform. Instructions for use of the mobile lifting platform: ⑴When the lifting platform is used, the supporting legs should be opened separately, and the spiral supporting legs should be rotated to make the spiral supporting leg balance foot plate completely land on the ground. Where the adhesion is not good, sleepers or other methods should be used to support the lifting platform. The legs are firmly supported and used when the platform is in a horizontal state. ⑵The lifting platform is not allowed to exceed the maximum limit of the approved load capacity of the platform. The elevation and height of the platform are adjusted before leaving the factory. The user is strictly forbidden to adjust the height by himself to avoid accidents. ⑶ After the platform is raised, when the user's height is not reached, other objects are not allowed to be carried on the platform surface. When placing objects on the platform surface, place them in the middle. If necessary, bundle the objects and place the loose parts in a box to avoid sliding from high altitude. ⑷The motor used in this platform rotates counterclockwise (see the motor logo). When using a three-phase power supply, if the motor rotates and the lifting platform does not work, first check whether the 'rotation direction' of the motor is correct. (Check by motor fan) Adjust the power supply wiring to make the motor work normally. ⑸ After the mobile lifting platform is raised, it is strictly forbidden to drag and move. The platform with upper control device can reduce emergency stop and sharp rise (continuous lifting and stopping work), so as to avoid danger before the platform resonates.
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