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Insufficient lubrication of the rotating parts of the electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-08
During the reliability test of the electric lifting cage platform, the rotating part makes a loud friction sound. The main reason is that the rotating part is not sufficiently lubricated. According to the distribution of lubricant between the friction surfaces, there are three lubrication states: thick film lubrication, thin film lubrication and boundary lubrication. The lubrication system consists of a friction pair and a liquid lubricant, and the surface roughness of the friction pair can be measured. If the sum of the surface roughness of the friction pair is less than the thickness of the oil film, it is in a liquid friction state at this time, which is called hydrodynamic lubrication. The lubrication and friction test of various rotating parts (slewing bearing, tooth surface, slewing reducer, hoisting mechanism, main boom, telescopic boom and hydraulic lifting platform hook pulley block, etc.) proves that the use of hydrodynamic lubrication, almost no wear , Because the adhesion effect completely eliminates abrasive wear and oxidative wear. Therefore, increasing the amount of lubrication between the rotating parts of the electric lifting cage platform is a powerful measure to reduce the wear of the rotating parts and effectively protect the service life of the rotating parts of the elevator. Mainly dedicated to the research and development of hydraulic lifting machinery, the leading products include aluminum alloy elevators, electric elevators, electric lifting cage platforms, and freight elevators. The elevator products produced are sold all over the country. Users are welcome to consult and purchase.
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