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Introduction of Aluminum alloy suspension crane gondola

Introduction of Aluminum alloy suspension crane gondola


Aluminum alloy high-altitude work platform can be divided into the following types according to its performance:

1.   Movable aluminum alloy suspension crane gondola: a new design production, the material is new type aluminum alloy with high strength, so that the deflection and swing of working platform is very small. It can be used for max lift in minimal space which makes single person working at height easy and movable.

2.   Fixed aluminum alloy high-altitude work platform: the same material with movable type, but it can not move, can only be fixed for operation.

3.   Telescopic type working platform: this type of lifting work platform combined with vehicle that can be freely telescopic to increase the operating range. It can be customized according to the actual situation of customers.

4.   Folding aluminum alloy electric gondola: a folding lift for house using. The beam is composed of two steel plates connected by welding a number of inverted "U" shaped connecting to form a gap in the middle.  It overcomes  the defects such as unreasonable structure and inconvenience in using existing domestic lifts. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple manufacture, low cost, convenient use, strong practicability and can be used by one machine or several households alone.

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