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Introduction of motor powered hanging gondola lift

Introduction of motor powered hanging gondola lift


      Motor powered hanging gondola lift a construction machine used in high altitude operation of construction engineering. 

      Its main function is curtain wall installation and exterior wall cleaning etc.

      The main structures are suspension platform, motor hoist, safety lock, suspension mechanism and electric control box.

(1)   Suspension platform: it is the work place for construction people.

(2)   Motor hoist: it is power component of working gondola lift, which is powered by electric. 

The hoist is driven by the electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor, decelerated by the turbine worm and a pair of gears, makes the wire rope move up and down, so the construction cradle can be easily move.

(3)   Safety lock: it is a safe protection for high-rising building construction platform. When the steel wire rope breaks or the working platform tilts at  an angle, the safety lock will automatically lock the platform on the wire rope to ensure safe.

(4)   Suspension mechanism: it is erected on the top of the building.

(5)   Electric control box: it is used to control the movement of the suspension platform.

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