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Introduction to the functions of each part of the mobile electric lift

by:Powerston     2021-05-27
Specializing in the production of electric lifts, mobile electric lifts, electric lifting cage platforms, etc., the following introduces the function of each part of the mobile electric construction lift. 1. Electrical part: It is composed of devices including power, control, signal, safety and lighting. 2. Safety devices: safety valve, limit limit, door electromechanical interlock, rupture valve, emergency switch and electrical short circuit protection, etc. 3. Auxiliary part: It is composed of hydraulic pipe fittings, pipelines, pressure gauges and steel structure base. 4. Oil cylinder part: one or more oil cylinders of the lifter oil cylinder straight-up platform or jacking scissor frame. 5. Hoistway part: It is a closed or net-like frame enclosed by a building or light steel structure, and steel guide rails are installed on both sides of the inside. 6. Door system part: It is a closed or net-shaped platform door or landing door system composed of steel structure. There are manual doors and automatic doors. Generally, open platforms do not have doors. 7. Platform part: It is a steel structure platform that carries heavy objects. It has a closed or open type. Both sides are equipped with guide rollers or guide shoes. The bottom of the platform can be connected with a lifting cage cylinder or a lifting cage scissor-shaped steel frame. 8. Drive part: It is a small oil tank with hydraulic components such as hydraulic drive motor, oil pump, safety valve, speed control valve and reversing valve. More details: Consultation hotline: 18663772808 Manager Zhu
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