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Is the lifting platform and the lifting platform truck the same?

by:Powerston     2021-06-27
platform can be understood as the abbreviation of lifting platform machinery. It is a type of lifting equipment that is lifted and lowered by hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pump stations. Therefore, if there are no strict requirements, the two names actually refer to one type. Hydraulic equipment. If strictly understood, the scope of the lifting platform should be large, while the scope of the lifting platform truck should be small. The lifting platform refers to any lifting equipment can be called this way, and the lifting platform truck must be able to be able to be like a car. This is how it is called mobile, such as mobile lifting platforms, curved arm lifting platforms, self-elevating platforms, and mobile docking bridges. In addition to the movable lifting cage platform, the lifting platform also includes non-movable hydraulic platforms such as fixed lifting platforms, lifting freight elevators, fixed boarding bridges, and vegetable conveyors. Regardless of whether the lifting platform or the lifting platform truck, it is a kind of aerial work truck that improves work efficiency. As long as it is used in accordance with the operating procedures, it will be very safe. Since there are many types of lifting platforms and lifting platform vehicles, you must communicate with the sales staff of the lifting platform manufacturer when purchasing, so as not to purchase the lifting platform that fails to meet the requirements for use.
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