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Is the maintenance cost of the fixed lifting platform high?

by:Powerston     2021-10-01
As one of the main tools for loading and unloading goods in the warehouse, the fixed lifting platform plays a very important role in the entire warehouse loading and unloading process. Now more and more companies and warehouses have installed fixed lifting platforms. Due to the mechanization of material tools, With the acceleration of the cycle of cargo operation, the number of loading and unloading of cargo is increasing. The fixed lifting platform is used as a bridge between the forklift and the carriage, and the frequency of natural use is also accelerated. This also brings certain tests to the lifting platform to a certain extent, and increases the chance of maintenance. Let's analyze how to choose a fixed lifting platform and how to solve the maintenance difficulties? First of all, frequent and prolonged use of the lifting platform will naturally cause some problems. The main internal components of the fixed lifting platform: hydraulic power unit, oil pump and battery power supply, control box, etc., running on a certain load for a long time will naturally have a certain impact on the hydraulic oil pump, reducing the life span and increasing the maintenance rate. Then, what is the configuration of the hydraulic lifting platform? The components of the same fixed lifting platform are manufactured by different manufacturers, and the quality and price are also different. If the company chooses the map to be cheap for a while, use the cheap one, save the cost, and ignore it. In order to improve the quality of the lifting cage platform, it also lays hidden dangers for future maintenance. You can choose a large manufacturer to produce according to your own requirements, and choose the well-known, guaranteed quality, and after-sales service to avoid your own worries. Secondly, the installation of the lifting platform must require personnel with certain experience, certain installation experience and technology, or a professional technical certificate issued by the relevant unit, to ensure that the installation is reasonable, scientific, usable, and long-lasting. Avoid repetitive installation and debugging, which will affect use. Thirdly, the after-sales service for the installation and use of fixed lifting platforms is generally to replace the oil pump, replace the motor, add hydraulic oil, etc. The warranty coverage is usually within 1 year, and can be on-site repair and maintenance. After the warranty period, repairs are required at a high price . Choose a lifting platform with good quality and a little more expensive to reduce maintenance or maintenance-free, and the use time of up to 3-5 years will not cause major problems. The long-term plan is still the first choice for mechanical high-quality fixed lifting platforms. Wonderful content recommendation: What are the differences between a fixed lifting platform and a mobile lifting platform? Thank you for visiting the website of Machinery. If you have any questions, you can call us and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.
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