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It is necessary to pay attention to the following problems when using the cargo lifting platform to avoid unnecessary troubles

by:Powerston     2021-09-02
It is necessary to pay attention to the following problems when using the cargo lifting platform. To avoid unnecessary troubles, it is necessary to open and close the door lightly. (To avoid the door rope going out of the groove or damaging the door safety switch) Please place it in the center of the car when loading and unloading goods (≥5㎝ from the edge of the car) to prevent the car from jamming. After taking out the goods, the landing door should be closed and closed until the door open lamp on the call panel or the occupation lamp stops to ensure other landings. The normal use of the lifting platform. When the elevator platform is not stuck or malfunctions, do not pull the emergency stop switch. When the emergency stop switch is pulled, the emergency stop light or the occupation light on the call elevator panel is on. At this time, the malfunction should be ruled out and the emergency stop is imminent. The switch is reset until the emergency stop light on the call elevator panel or the occupied light is off to stop the lifting platform. The lifting platform can only be used when all hall doors are connected, and the door open or occupied light on the call elevator panel can be used normally. The lifting platform cannot operate normally when the door is not closed. When the lifting platform does not stop on this floor, the hall door mechanical lock will be actively locked. It is not allowed to open the hall door in any way except for repairs. It is forbidden to switch the hall door safety Short-circuit and open the hall door to allow the lifting platform to operate. If the lifting platform is found to be able to operate with the hall door open, stop using it immediately, close the total power supply of the lifting platform and report for repairs in time. The lifting platform is prohibited from overloading operation, and the weight of the goods should be ≤ The load capacity specified on the call elevator panel. Recommended reading: The concept of the fixed loading and unloading hydraulic lifting platform. When the lifting cage platform is defective, the repair personnel should be notified in time for repairs, and the lifting platform should not be operated with disease. It is forbidden to unsupervised or unsupervised Carry out lifting platform maintenance under the condition of repair personnel
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