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It is strictly forbidden to overload the lifting platform during use and should be placed in the center position

by:Powerston     2021-06-27
platforms are commonly used aerial work equipment. Now it will come in summer. If you want the lifting platform to work normally, you should perform maintenance work. This is for everyone. Understand common sense; in order to let everyone use this work better, I will give you a summary of 'seven notes1. If the wind is less than 5, the use of the lifting platform may cause safety hazards. 2. Do not move the elevator after it is raised. The four feet should not be lifted, not lifted. 3. When repairing or malfunctioning, please cut off the power immediately. After lifting, the lifting platform should be fixed and repairable. 4. When using lifting equipment, the work surface should be level. 5. The elevator oil leakage should be repaired immediately to prevent secondary damage caused by insufficient hydraulic oil. 6. It is strictly forbidden to overload during use, and items should be placed in a stable position. 7. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean and should not be mixed with water and other impurities. It is generally replaced every six months. If an abnormality is found, replace it immediately. 8. During the lifting process of the lifting platform, it is strictly forbidden to climb the slope. When working outdoors, when the conditions are not good, the staff should be a safety rope. The electrical system of the lifting platform controls a safe voltage of 24v. Non-professional maintenance personnel are not allowed to open the electrical box to prevent electric shock. Most power equipment or power engineering is basically completed by the lifting platform during operation. Professional operators need to stand on the lifting cage platform to operate, and the design functions of construction hoists are constantly increasing. Safe and stable, sturdy and reliable. All of this is when you understand the lifting equipment of each design, you know that the differences between them are still very large. When you compare in the market, you can know that its use is wider and its classification will continue to increase. Master the design requirements and details of the lifting platform, I believe that the technology gap is still very large. It can be seen from the comparison process that its operating efficiency will become higher and higher.
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