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Knowledge of lifting goods lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-04
At the moment when the lifting cage platform is customized, many customers don't know that it needs to be assembled in the pit, and this aspect was not considered early. It was only at the moment of assembly after the production of the lifting cage platform was completed that it was not possible to have no pit, so what is going on with the pit after all? However, considering the height of the landing and landing settings, if you want to make the setup parallel to the ground, you can only place the machine under the ground. This uses a pit. Put the landing and landing settings in the pit, in the absence of employment. The platform surface and the ground are parallel, so this is a very important matter that should be considered before purchasing this type of installation. For any kind of equipment, except for the use, the more important thing is that the demand will be sheltered and nursed. Only by doing this can the cost performance be maximized in the long-term use, and it is even more so for such a machine. The bottom is the knowledge about the maintenance of the lifting cage platform of the lifting and lowering cargo platform concluded by the Jinchuang and Landing Machinery Co., Ltd. Recommended reading: What are the requirements of the aerial work platform control system technology? When inspecting under the landing platform employment platform, it is mandatory to hang and support the landing platform employment platform to prevent the landing platform from falling down suddenly, which may result in employee casualties. Do not arbitrarily adjust the overflow valve. A component in the hydraulic system is employed under a defined pressure. Nursing care requires limited time isolation. There are those who respect the year, but there are also those who respect the month. The bottom nursery will receive different results if it is calculated from the month. Whether the rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinge shafts and bearings are worn.
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