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Lifting platform maintenance Daquan

by:Powerston     2021-08-10
platform maintenance encyclopedia ⒈Monthly maintenance of the lifting platform. When personnel enter the interior of the lifting cage platform to work, the lifting platform must be hung to prevent the lifting platform from falling suddenly and causing casualties. A. Check the lubrication and wear conditions of rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings; cylinder pins and bearings; boom hinge shafts and bearings; B. Fill the above components with lubricating oil. Extend bearing life. C. Check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. The hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the oil tank when the lifting platform is raised to the highest point. When the oil color of the hydraulic oil becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or there are foreign objects such as grit in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. The hydraulic system of the lifting platform uses 32# hydraulic oil. ⒉Year-end maintenance A. Check the hydraulic and pipeline connections. If the pipe is damaged, replace it immediately; tighten the pipe joint when the connection part is loose. B. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow the valve core with compressed air and reinstall it. C. Drain all the hydraulic oil in the oil tank. Open the oil tank, take out the suction filter, clean it, put it back into the oil tank, and install it in the original position. The fuel tank is refilled with new oil. The lifting platform cannot be lifted or the lifting force is weak.⒈The pressure adjustment of the overflow valve does not meet the requirements.Adjust the pressure to the required value.⒉Check the internal leakage of the oil cylinder or replace the oil cylinder assembly.⒊Check the directional valve clamping or internal leakage check or replace the valve assembly. Low, the oil inlet filter is blocked, add enough oil, clean the oil filter ⒌The oil supply pump is faulty, check or replace the pump. The ripper cannot construction lift or the rising force is weak. The pressure adjustment of the overflow valve does not meet the requirements. Adjust the pressure to the required value. See the elimination method of above for internal leakage. ⒊The reversing valve is clamped or internally leaked. ⒋The oil level is too low and the oil inlet filter is blocked. ⒌The oil supply pump is defective. ⒍Check the check valve core and valve seat for leakage of the check valve. Wear damage, whether the check valve spring is fatigued, deformed, etc. The operating rod is heavy. The operating rod mechanism is defective. Check, adjust, and replace unqualified parts; clean the valve parts; check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. Installation problems, dirt problems) The torque converter and compensation system are faulty, such as the torque converter is weak, the power shift fails, the oil temperature is too high, etc. ⒈The torque converter is weak ⑴The amount of hydraulic oil is insufficient ⑵Adjustment Improper pressure (3) Insufficient back pressure Check the quality of the torque converter oil (whether the hydraulic transmission oil is misused), dosage, check the torque converter, back pressure valve and their set pressure values u200bu200b⒉Power shift failure ⑴.Quick-return valve , Pressure reducing valve, power transmission valve, reversing valve stuck, internal leakage ⑵. Serious oil pollution Check the cause of valve stuck and eliminate accordingly, filter or replace hydraulic oil, hydraulic maintenance is for mechanized construction companies, construction machinery Whether the technology is good or not is a direct factor in whether an enterprise can produce normally. As far as hydraulic transmission engineering machinery is concerned, the normal operation of the hydraulic system is a major indicator of its good technical condition. Qualified hydraulic oil is the guarantee for the reliable operation of the hydraulic system, and correct maintenance is the foundation of the reliable operation of the hydraulic system. For this reason, based on my work practice, I will make a rough discussion on the maintenance of the hydraulic system of construction machinery in the general working environment. Selection of hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil plays the role of transmitting pressure, lubricating, cooling, and sealing in the hydraulic system. Inappropriate selection of hydraulic oil is the main reason for the early failure of the hydraulic system and the decline in durability. The hydraulic oil should be selected according to the grade specified in the random 'Instruction Manual'. When a substitute oil is needed in special circumstances, the performance should be the same as that of the original grade. Different brands of hydraulic oil cannot be mixed to prevent chemical reactions and performance changes of the hydraulic oil. Dark brown, milky white, and odorous hydraulic oil is deteriorating oil and cannot be used. Preventing impurities from mixing into clean hydraulic oil is the life of the hydraulic system. There are many precision parts in the hydraulic system, some have damping holes, some have gaps, etc. If solid impurities invade, it will cause strains, hairpins, blockage of oil passages, etc., and endanger the safe operation of the hydraulic system. Common ways for solid impurities to invade the hydraulic system include: dirty hydraulic oil; dirty refueling tools; careless refueling, repair and maintenance; desquamation of hydraulic components, etc. It can prevent solid impurities from invading the system from the following aspects:  When refueling, the hydraulic oil must be filtered and refilled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. It is not possible to remove the filter at the fuel tank filler opening in order to increase the fueling speed. Fueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid impurities and fiber impurities from falling into the oil. During maintenance, disassemble the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, filter cap, inspection hole, hydraulic oil pipe and other parts. When the system oil passage is exposed, avoid dust. The disassembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned before opening. For example, when removing the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, first remove the dirt around the fuel tank cap, unscrew the fuel tank cap, remove the debris remaining in the joint (not flush with water to prevent water from seeping into the tank), and open the fuel tank cap only after confirming that it is clean. If you need to use a wiping material and a hammer, you should choose a wiping material that does not remove fiber impurities and a special hammer with rubber attached to the striking surface. The hydraulic components and hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned and assembled after drying with high-pressure air. Choose genuine filter cartridges with intact packaging. Clean the filter at the same time when changing the oil. Before installing the filter element, use wiping materials to carefully clean the bottom dirt in the filter housing.
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