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Lifting Requirements Of Tower Crane

Lifting Requirements Of Tower Crane


1.     There should be no people under the lifting arm when lifting heavy objects.

2.        Lifting command should be held by qualified professional personnel with technical training. The lifting is not allowed without command or unclear signal.

3.        Rebar, section steel, pipe and other slender and multiple objects must be tied firmly, multi-point hoisting.

4.        Porous plate, dust hopper and manual tipper  are not allowed to be hoisting without unloading armour. Precast reinforced concrete floor slabs are not allowed to be suspended in tandem.

5.        When lifting building blocks, it should use safe and reliable block clamps. Brick cages should be used when lifting bricks, and bricks should be stacked neatly. Sporadic items such as wooden bricks and prefabricated parts should be stacked firmly with containers, and not allowed to be hoisted if stacked unevenly.

6.         People standing on floor slabs, girders and other lifting objects are not allowed to lift.

7.         The  objects that are attached to the ground are not allowed to be lifted.

8.         For multi-machine operation, the lifting distance should be no less than 3 meters. If multi-machine operation is on the same rack, no lifting is allowed without safety measures.

9.        No hoisting in strong wind area above 6.

10.     Cable-stayed heavy objects and over load are not allowed.

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