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Little Japan actually invented a high-altitude work vehicle that can go to the sky

by:Powerston     2021-09-20
In the past, the working scenes of excavators that we can see are generally working on the ground. However, if the construction work is in a local area that is difficult to reach, such as slopes, buildings, and roofs, the excavator It’s hard to use the Shenwu. What should I do at this time? A high-altitude work vehicle that is widely used in Japan was born specifically for such working conditions. It is generally based on a car crane as the chassis, eliminating the need The arm end pulley block and hook of the car crane are deployed with a large working channel in the form of a jib. Place the excavator on the large working channel and construction lift it to the height required for construction work. Can be indulged. If you use traditional methods to build a workbench, you need to meet the number and professional staff to carry out the construction if the traditional method is used to build a workbench. the excavator through the high-altitude work channel saves on the one hand On the other hand, the ability to completely use machinery for work reduces the cost of manpower and labor safety. At the same time, the speed of mechanical construction is faster, and the construction period is shortened, which will certainly save costs. Traditional methods to ensure safety, demand Many people work on temporarily established workbenches for a long time, and safety issues are difficult to guarantee. Especially in the construction site of post-disaster reconstruction, it is easy to collapse and other accidents again, and the maximum working radius of the lift truck can ensure its parking. The excavator can also be lifted to the construction work position in a relatively safe position. To shorten the construction period. Recommended reading: Is the maintenance cost of the fixed lifting cage platform high? In the same comparison with the traditional work style, it takes a lot of time to build and remove the workbench. The working time of the excavator on board can be more than twice as fast as the manual work. And the most important safety issue is guaranteed, that is, Guaranteeing the construction period or even shortening the construction period is the greatest help. At present, the use of construction lift trucks for high-altitude work in China is still relatively small, but the editor of Teans thinks it is still very practical, safe and fast. I hope that China's high-altitude work channels can also make breakthroughs. , To create a faster, more practical and safe high-altitude work channel equipment.
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