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Low-carbon and energy-saving method for lifting goods lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-10-07
The power loss of the hydraulic cargo lifting cage platform system will turn into a loss of energy on the one hand, which will reduce the total utility of the system. On the other hand, the loss of this part of the energy will be converted into heat energy, which will increase the temperature of the hydraulic oil. The smell changed, causing the hydraulic landing gear to be out of order. Therefore, when designing a hydraulic system, under the premise of satisfying utilization, full consideration should be given to reducing the power loss of the system. Adjust the pressure value appropriately. When hydraulic oil flows through various hydraulic valves, there is inevitably a pressure loss and a flow loss. This part of the energy loss occupies a relatively poor proportion of the total energy loss. Therefore, the proper use of hydraulics and adjusting the pressure of the pressure valve is also an important aspect of reducing power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the flow adjustment boundary in the system and guaranteed that its minimum stable flow can meet the utilization conditions. The pressure of the pressure valve is satisfied under the normal employment conditions of the hydraulic landing gear, although it has a lower pressure value. Recommended reading: What is the significance of aerial work platforms? Use appropriate hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil moves in the pipeline, it will exhibit viscosity, and when the viscosity is too high, it will generate poor internal force, turning into a fever of the landing oil, and at the same time increasing the resistance of the oil when it moves. When the viscosity is too low, it will easily become leaking, which will reduce the system volume effect. Therefore, oils with appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics are usually used. In addition, when the oil moves in the pipeline, there will be pressure loss and one-sided pressure loss along the way. Therefore, when designing the pipeline, although the pipeline is reduced, the bend is reduced at the same time.
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