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Main contents of prevent measures in winter

Main contents of prevent measures in winter


1.      The antifreeze condensate

A.    Strengthen pre-shift safety tips and strengthen winter safety knowledge training

B.     Carry out special inspections regularly on tower cranes, elevators and other equipment, especially on equipment maintenance, wire rope and rotating parts.

C.     Operator should operate  in strict accordance with the technical parameters of the equipment, eliminate any misoperation and ensure safe operation

D.    Strictly implement the three-level roving inspection system, strengthen inspections of fire control and emergency equipment, facilities and electrical wiring, and promptly rectify problems when they are discovered to nip hidden dangers in the bud.

2.      Prevent slippery
In the north of China, there are many rainy and snowy days in winter. The slippery parts such as steps, ramps and crossings should be checked regularly to implement preventive measures and strengthen warning signs. In case of rainy and snowy weather, snow should be cleaned and frozen in time.

3.      Fire prevention
It is windy and dry in winter, so it is necessary to inspect material stacking site, living areas, warehouses, strengthen the management of the fire and hot operation, to ensure that "fire source does not appear, fire risk does not occur"

4.       Explosion-proof

Winter air is dry, easy to form electrostatic accumulation and other potential explosion. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the fire-proof and explosion-proof areas, strengthen the inspection and management of the storage areas of inflammable and explosive articles, timely clean the scattered and accumulated dust in the processing workshops with high dust concentration, and strengthen the maintenance and inspection of the fire-fighting facilities in the above areas.

5.      Prevent electric shock
Strictly approve and strengthen the management of temporary electricity use, carry out a comprehensive inspection of key parts such as distribution rooms and electric control boxes, and timely clean up sundries to ensure smooth emergency access

6.      Prevent traffic accidents
The road is wet and slippy in winter, and there are many frog days, traffic accindent is easy to happen. Strengthen to the employee traffic safety education, to the vehicle mechanical driving personnel completes the thorough education.

7.      Prevent poisoning and suffocation
 Worker must  pay attention to heating protection measure, prevent gas poisoning, to be engaged in toxic operation, have asphyxiation danger operation personnel, undertake antitoxic first aid safety knowledge education, and strengthen operation management.

8.      Prevent abnormal weather
In recent years, abnormal and disastrous weather occurs frequently. We should take the initiative to prevent snow disaster, wind disaster and other abnormal weather.

Formulate and improve emergency plans, provide emergency supplies, strengthen training in dealing with emergencies, and ensure that production is not affected by abnormal weather and other emergencies.


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