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Main matters of safety protection for electric lifts

by:Powerston     2021-06-07
The most important thing for high-altitude workers to perform high-altitude operations on electric lifts is to ensure their own safety. Must strictly abide by the standard operation requirements for operation, and wear safety protection equipment. So, what are the safety protections of electric elevators in aerial work equipment? Safety protection measures for electric lifts: 1. It can be used only after inspection and acceptance confirm compliance with the requirements, and the safety operation regulations and equipment responsible person's sign on the obvious place. Safety helmet: Check whether the cap shell, cap liner, and cap strap are complete and effective before use. Before using the helmet, adjust the helmet liner so that each part of the helmet liner is spaced from the cap shell. Also, the cap band should be adjusted according to the shape of the head to prevent the cap from sliding forward and blocking the line of sight when the head is lowered. It is strictly forbidden to combine the two top linings of the helmet into one layer. Safety helmets should be worn tightly and upright, and the harness should be tied under the jaw and fastened tightly. The validity period of the safety helmet is calculated from the date the product is manufactured. The plastic cap does not exceed two and a half years, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic cap does not exceed three and a half years. 2. It is strictly forbidden to work on machinery and equipment with diseases, and it is forbidden to maintain it during operation. The operator must cut off the power when leaving the machine or there is a power failure during operation. Safety belts: safety belts must be inspected by the inspection unit every six months before they can be used. The use of safety belts needs to meet some conditions: ①When entering the workplace, you must wear a safety belt; ②When working at heights exceeding two meters; ③Working on a scaffold without scaffolding or barricades, when the height exceeds 1.5 meters When working on a sloping roof; ④Flat-topped houses, when there is no protective fence within 1.2 meters from the roof edge or roof opening; ⑤Any guardrails, on scaffolds with incomplete planks; ⑥Ladders near the roof or ground openings; high When there are no reliable fall prevention measures for local operations. 3. The method of using the seat belt correctly ①Tighten the waist belt, and the waist buckle components must be fastened upright; ②When the seat belt is used for hanging operations, the hook should not be directly hooked on the seat belt rope, but should be hooked on the seat belt rope ③It is forbidden to hang the seat belt on an unstable or sharp-angled component; use the same type of seat belt, and the parts cannot be replaced without authorization; ④The seat belt that has been severely impacted cannot be used even if its appearance has not changed ⑤It is strictly forbidden to use safety belts to transfer heavy objects; ⑥Safety belts should be hung on a firm and reliable place above, and the height should not be lower than the waist. 4. The personnel should be dedicated to the plane, and wear labor protection equipment according to the regulations. Safety rope: In order to ensure the safety of high-altitude workers during the movement, when carrying out particularly dangerous elevator operations, it is required to fasten the safety belt while hanging on the safety rope; the material of the safety rope is prohibited by certain standards Use hemp rope as a safety rope. Use a long rope over 3 meters to add a buffer; a safety rope cannot be used by two people at the same time. V. Differential protector: The self-locking device should be checked before use; the self-locking device hook should be hung on the metal ring of the seat belt; the self-locking device that has been severely impacted should be stopped.
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