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Maintenance and common problems of hydraulic cylinder in electric lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-11
1. Maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder in the electric lifting platform ① Overloading of the electric lifting cage platform is strictly prohibited, because overloading will bring a heavy burden to the cylinder, shorten the service life of the cylinder, and may also have safety hazards. ②The lifting cage platform should be lowered when it is not working to prevent the support arm of the cylinder from being exposed to the air for a long time. Although the support arm is made of stainless steel, it is also susceptible to various corrosion in special environments, such as extremely acidic Acid rain and so on. ③In the dry seasons such as spring and autumn, pay attention to using lubricating oil for the oil cylinder to keep it in a normal state; use the elevator for a long time, and the lubricating oil cylinder support arm should be used more frequently to avoid a dry state. ④Keep the hydraulic oil clean to prevent the oil cylinder from being blocked, causing the oil cylinder to heat up and damaging the hydraulic oil cylinder. 2. Common problems of the oil cylinder of the electric lifting cage platform ① Oil leakage and oil seepage. Check the sealing ring to see if there are impurities in the hydraulic oil. If there is still a problem, it may be a quality problem with the oil cylinder. The manufacturer should report the problem to the manufacturer and deal with it in time. ② Abnormal sound of the oil cylinder. Check whether the amount of hydraulic oil is sufficient, eliminate hydraulic leakage, and check whether impurities are mixed into it. ③The cylinder does not work. Check whether the power indicator light is working, whether the hydraulic system is operating normally, whether the hydraulic components such as oil pipes are connected well, and find the cause of the disease through the elimination method.
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