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Maintenance and disassembly sequence of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-14
The hydraulic lifting platform will inevitably have some minor problems in long-term heavy-duty use. The machine will inevitably be disassembled during the maintenance process. Disassembly and assembly not only increase the workload of the hydraulic construction lift repair, but also have a great impact on the life of the parts. The parts that are not to be disassembled must be inspected as a whole to ensure the quality of use. Otherwise, failures and accidents will occur in the use of hidden defects. This is absolutely not allowed. If the technical status of the internal parts is uncertain, it must be disassembled and inspected. Ensure the quality of repairs. The maintenance and disassembly sequence of the hydraulic lifting platform also has strict requirements. Before the lifting cage platform is disassembled, the power supply should be cut off, and the external disease should be scrubbed to release the coolant and lubricating oil. The order is generally the attachment first, the main body, the outside first, then the inside, and the top and then the bottom. Remember the order of the parts when disassembling. Use a reasonable tool box and equipment to avoid violent beating. It is strictly forbidden to directly beat the working surface of the machine part. When beating is necessary, use a wooden hammer or copper hammer or plumb, or use copper as a pad. The following situations are strictly prohibited for maintenance, disassembly and assembly of hydraulic lifting platform: 1. Temporary formation of disassembly and assembly teams, lax management, untrained operators, and unlicensed work. 2. The tower crane's disassembly and assembly plan was not carefully prepared before disassembly and assembly, and the disassembly and assembly process was not carefully organized, and there was no unified command by professionals. 3. The disassembly and assembly personnel lack the safety technical knowledge of the elevator, the safety awareness is weak, the sense of responsibility is not strong, and the operation is illegal. 4. After the lifting cage platform is installed, it is put into use without a comprehensive inspection and acceptance, and there is a safety hazard.
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