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Maintenance and repair of high rising building working platform

Maintenance and repair of high rising building working platform


After long time using, some components and accessories will be worn, it must be scrapped and replaced. In order to extend the service life of components and accessories, maintenance work must be done.

The hook of safety rope should add lube after use, and each parts of safety lock, gear box and transmission should be lubricated each month.

At the end of daily work, separate parts should be cleared up to avoid corrosion, deformation and loss. Ordinary safety inspection should be taken by full-time worker, if there is any problem, the high rising building working platform should stop using immediately. The electric panel box should be waterproof to avoid electrical short circuit. All components and wire contacts should be kept dry and cleaned without oil and dirt.

Make sure that working platform is safe and reliable before using, so as to reduce unnecessary failures.

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