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Maintenance of rail hydraulic chain type lifting freight elevator

by:Powerston     2021-07-09
The maintenance of rail hydraulic chain-type construction lift freight elevators is divided into hydraulic chain type and hydraulic straight-top type. The hydraulic chain type is driven by a chain. Compared with the straight-top construction lift freight elevator, the chain type is more flexible and can adjust the platform. Customers who have used it should know that the guide rail lifting cage platform is a customized product, and the size and installation site of the lifting platform can be designed according to its own site environment. Therefore, there will be a period of running-in period after the installation of the guide rail hydraulic chain elevator freight elevator. The running-in of the rail-chain type elevator freight elevator is also called running-in. It refers to the initial trial phase of the rail-chain type elevator freight elevator. It is the basic stage to ensure the full contact, friction, adaptation, and finalization of the machine parts. This phase is different for the entire life cycle of the elevator platform. The ability of components to adapt to the environment, life span, safety, and economy will have an important impact. Therefore, a reasonable running-in lifting platform is particularly important. At this stage, special attention should be paid to some problems that are prone to occur: 1. Due to the loosening of the lifting platform components, vibration and the influence of the machine's heat, the sealing surface of the machine and the pipe joints, etc. There will be leakage at the hydraulic pump station, oil cylinder and oil pipe joints. 2. Although the lifting platform has been run-in according to regulations before leaving the factory, the surface of the parts is still rough, and there are more metal particles falling off between the new parts, which intensifies the wear. 3. The falling metal chips enter the hydraulic system and cause the oil circuit to be blocked, which may cause malfunctions such as machine parts jam, heat generation and leakage. 4. The fasteners of the rotating parts of the lifting platform are easy to loosen. Due to the alternating loads such as vibration, impact and overload during transportation and use, it is easy to loosen the originally fastened parts. 5. The operator of the rail chain elevator freight elevator does not understand the equipment, and is unfamiliar with the operating procedures, which can cause operational errors, easily lead to failures, and even cause accidents. Therefore, the elevator platform operators must study carefully and be familiar with them before they can work.
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