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Maintenance of Swing suspended cradle

Maintenance of Swing suspended cradle


The contents of  swing suspended cradle maintenance include daily maintenance, daily inspection, regular maintenance and other work.  The above work should be well recorded, and signed by the staff and archived, unit leadership to do a good job of supervision.

1.      Daily maintenance: it does not involve the replacement of parts. The operator shall carry out oil change, cleaning and maintenance of the hoist and check and adjust the gap of the electromagnetic brake on schedule. Remove dirt from wire rope and remove rust as much as possible. Clear dirt from the surface of swing suspended cradle, hoist motor and safety lock.

2.      Daily inspection: operators should check the safety lock, hoist and wire rope according to  requirements before use every day. Professional maintenance personnel should carry out a full inspection in accordance with the " Daily inspection items and contents of aerial work platform ", complete the repairing project in time. It is strictly forbidden to work during the period of maintenance.

3.      Regular maintenance: the maintenance period by the use of the unit according to the use of the situation and the length of working time to make a clear provision (generally 1 to 2 months). After the end of construction, a comprehensive maintenance and repair work should be carried out.  Professional maintenance personnel should check the wear of all parts, replace, clean the vulnerable parts and damaged parts and lubricate. Check the wiring state of the electrical control box, no damage to the wire, no leakage of the whole machine.

Under the condition of observing the maintenance, use and maintenance rules, when the hoist has been used for more than one year or has accumulated to work for more than 300 shifts, it should be generally overhauled. When it is used in the harsh environment such as dust, corrosive substances, it should shorten the overhauled cycle accordingly.

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