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Manufacturers of hydraulic lifting platform analyze the causes of internal leakage of gear pumps

by:Powerston     2021-08-20
The hydraulic lifting platform manufacturer introduced that if the hydraulic lifting platform has internal leakage of the working gear pump, it will affect the company's progress in completing the project. The following experts from Jinan Rongkai hydraulic lifting platform machinery will summarize the reasons for the internal leakage of the gear pump. 1. Internal leakage of distribution valve: Hydraulic lifting platform manufacturers mentioned that the main reasons for internal leakage of distribution valve are: the main spool of the total safety valve is stuck; the matching clearance between the valve stem and the valve body is too large (normal clearance is 0.025 0.040mm); the valve stem or body is strained; the seal is damaged, etc. 2. Internal leakage of the boom cylinder or bucket cylinder: The manufacturer of the hydraulic lifting platform talked about bringing the piston of the boom cylinder or bucket cylinder to the bottom, and removing the rodless cavity tubing so that the boom cylinder or bucket cylinder has a rod. The cavity continues to be filled with oil. If there is a lot of oil leakage from the oil port of the rodless cavity (normal leakage should be ≤30ml/min), it means that the piston seal ring is damaged and should be replaced; you can also fill the bucket with a full load and construction lift it to the limit. Place the boom lever in the neutral position, turn off the engine, and observe the sinking speed of the boom (normally <40mm/h); then, put the boom lever in the up position, if the boom sinks at this time The speed increased significantly, indicating that the internal leakage occurred in the hydraulic cylinder; if the sinking speed does not change significantly, the internal leakage is caused by the distribution valve. 3. Internal leakage of the working gear pump: The hydraulic lifting cage platform manufacturers analyze the internal leakage of the gear pump as: the noise is louder during operation, and the higher the engine speed, the louder the noise; a large amount of copper scraps can be seen in the oil filter. The gear pump should be disassembled and inspected to check the gear end face clearance (normal value is 0.100-0.140mm) gear meshing clearance (normal value is 0.005-0.015mm), gear radial clearance (normal value is 0.100-0.200mm), and Check whether the seals are in good condition, etc. If it is out of tolerance or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced. Fourth, the system pressure is low: The hydraulic lifting platform manufacturers talked about connecting the pressure gauge with a range of 25mpa at the pressure measuring point of the distribution valve, so that the engine and hydraulic oil are at the normal working temperature and the engine speed is about 1800r/min. The bucket slide valve makes the bucket tilt to the end, and the pressure displayed by the pressure gauge should be 17mpa. If it is lower than this value, the safety valve should be disassembled to check whether the pilot valve spring is broken, whether the seal is good, whether the main valve core is stuck, and whether the orifice is blocked, etc. When there is no problem with the above, adjust the pressure regulating screw to make the system pressure reach the normal value. 96.
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