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Mechanical lifting platform takes root in the construction industry and accelerates the pace of construction

by:Powerston     2021-09-16
In the past two years, the machinery has continuously increased its development in the construction industry market. Starting from participating in the construction of Wanda projects, it has successively cooperated with domestic petrochemical companies, automobile groups, Internet giants, electronic giants, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, and foreign Buddhist temples, airports, and Industrial parks and others have cooperated to provide services for their construction projects to ensure the safety of construction personnel, reduce labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate the pace of project construction. In the construction industry, the mechanical lifting cage platform can provide high-altitude operation services such as interior and exterior wall painting, high-altitude equipment installation, glass curtain wall installation, high-altitude wiring, pipeline construction, daily building maintenance, and advertising erection. The lifting platform has great advantages over traditional equipment. The lifting cage platform has a wide platform with a large carrying capacity and can accommodate 2-3 construction workers and equipment at the same time; the operation is simple and flexible, and only one person is required on the working platform. The machine can be operated to continuously complete up and down, forward, backward, and turn movements. Compared with traditional equipment, it greatly improves work efficiency, reduces the number of personnel and labor intensity, and can fully guarantee the safety of construction personnel. The scope of operation is large, the platform can be extended to operate, it can cross certain obstacles and perform multi-point operations in one construction lift, and can enter places that are difficult to reach with traditional equipment. As the construction industry began to slump, the demand for aerial work equipment has slowed down. According to incomplete statistics, the national demand in 2014 has declined compared with 2013. However, after market adjustment and integration, aerial work equipment will be an indispensable tool on the construction site, and its demand is expected to rise steadily. In particular, the demand for maintenance of existing buildings will continue to grow, and the future market will be very large. Machinery is now rooted in the construction industry, and is ready to look forward to the future construction industry market. Original source:
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