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Method for installing fixed scissor lift cargo lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-09-25
Preparations before installation: After the equipment arrives, the equipment installer will confirm the size of the foundation pit and conduct a level test. These are two very important items. The equipment shipped to the site. With the equipment, there are equipment and Accessories. After calculating all the tools and installation parts, you can install your work. The equipment is placed in the pre-pit: when the equipment is placed in the pre-pit, it needs to be used for forklifts or construction hoists. First, the equipment is in In the closed state, the steel wire rope is fixed on the base, and the equipment is placed in the predetermined position. Simple equipment is fixed: the so-called simple fixed equipment refers to the slightly expanded screws fixed on the fixed device, and the holes on the lifting cage platform are in the vertical direction, which meets four requirements. The angle and the gap of about 20 mm can be adjusted after all qualified and can be completely fixed. Fix the guide wheel on both sides of the lifting cage platform, weld the guide rail, and then fix the direction of the guide wheel on both sides of the guide wheel to the pit and hole. Wiring with the pump station: After the equipment is fixed, you can connect the device's travel switch line to the control line. Connect the control box and the handle button separately. Connect the oil pipe to the pump station and connect the head space compound to prevent oil leakage .
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