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Methods to improve safety of aerial work platforms

by:Powerston     2021-08-30
With the widespread use of aerial work platforms, aerial work has become a major event related to production safety. A slight carelessness can cause serious losses, and improper operation may cause casualties. What is the key to improving the safety of aerial work platforms? How to do it? The mechanical editor of the aerial work platform manufacturer has made detailed instructions on enhancing the safety of the aerial work platform after understanding and reference materials: 1. When using the aerial work platform to operate, perform individual inspections on the construction staff to prevent personal blood pressure, Under normal circumstances, such as the heart, meet the standards for high-altitude operations. 2. Carry out serious training for relevant personnel of construction and operation, learn relevant safety rules, and make safety measures and precautions. 3. Construction personnel must wear safety helmets, gloves, masks, safety belts, etc. before working at heights to ensure complete safety measures. 4. All construction workers are not allowed to work after drinking alcohol to avoid accidents that may cause casualties. 5. In high-altitude operations, the tools, materials and other equipment used must be transmitted by ropes, and operate strictly in accordance with regulations to prevent falling equipment and smashing people. 6. If an illegal operation is found on site and during use, it should be stopped immediately, and safety education and learning should be carried out to raise awareness of the offending personnel, and the construction work should be resumed. 7. When operating the high-altitude hydraulic lifting cage platform, the installation and construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulations, and no unauthorized changes are allowed. Any changes must be approved by the relevant person in charge and the relevant department. 8. After the installation is over, carefully check the connection of each part, and whether the debugging equipment is working properly to ensure that the function is normal. 9. After the installation is completed and the debugging is normal, clean up and clean up the garbage on the site to keep the site clean and tidy. After the above detailed description of improving the safety of aerial work platforms, everyone should also have a detailed understanding. Only by operating in strict accordance with the requirements in subsequent use can the safety of the aerial work platform be ensured and the loss of the enterprise can be reduced. More exciting content: hydraulic construction lift cargo construction lift platform-bonded area ushered in the spring of development
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