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Mobile electric lifting platform parts and structural parts inspection

by:Powerston     2021-05-28
Specializing in the production of electric lifting cage platforms, electric lift manufacturers, the inspection items for the parts and structural parts of the mobile electric lifting cage platform are as follows: 1. The inspection of the parts of the mobile electric lifting platform is to observe the degree of wear of the wire rope and the drum And the number of broken wires, check the rope end fixation, the wear and safety margin of the wire rope, and the disorderly winding, slot-hopping, and arrangement of the wire rope on the reel. 2. The inspection of the structural parts of the mobile electric lifting cage platform is to check whether the metal structure of the mobile elevator equipment is directly deformed, cracked, cracked, or unsoldered. Whether the shaft links and bolts are damaged or loose.
What are the types of mobile electric lifts
Any lift equipment that can be moved by electric drive can be called a mobile electric lift, or simply called an electric hydraulic lift, a mobile electric lift, a classified mobile electric aluminum alloy construction lift, an electric scissor lift, Electric self-propelled lifts, vehicle-mounted lifts, folding arm lifts, car support folding arm lifts, crank arm lifts, etc. Each function and purpose has its own advantages. When purchasing, users can choose the mobile electric lift that suits them according to their own needs.
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