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New component of electric lifting platform—application of smart switch

by:Powerston     2021-06-11
Technology is developing, society is progressing, and innovation is the mainstream. If it does not develop and stagnates, it will be a step backward. Innovative technology of electric lifting cage platform is also rising. The application of smart switch technology is a good testimony. Below Platform Machinery Co., Ltd. Lead everyone to get to know it. 1. Introduction Intelligent switch technology refers to the determination of the operating status of the lifting platform through the input signal collected by the transformer, avoiding the loss of the lifting cage platform caused by faults such as overload, open phase, and short circuit. 2. Principle ① When the hydraulic lifting platform rises, the single-chip microcomputer starts the timer to work, the intelligent switch technology has a delay self-start function, and by calculating the timing time, the time is set to automatically start the equipment operation, avoiding multiple units in automatic control The equipment starts at the same time and impacts on the grid. ②The intelligent switch technology has perfect protection function. When the system detects an abnormal working condition of the lifting platform, it will send a reset signal to the single-chip microcomputer to reset the single-chip microcomputer, cut off the output power to stop the equipment, and also has fault indication and memory functions. 3. Advantages ① Stable operation, can realize the basic functions of soft start and soft stop, and can provide various fault protection at the same time. It is also of positive significance for the replacement of circuit breakers to switch high-voltage lines in the high-voltage field. ②Intelligent switch technology can protect the lifting platform, and by controlling the conduction time of the thyristor to control the starting current, the power loss is minimized. To sum up: the application of smart switch technology can well control the normal operation of the lifting platform and prevent the lifting cage freight elevator from continuing to work in emergencies. This time the technological innovation is the application of small parts, but it has an impact on the performance of the whole machine. Stability has a very good boosting effect.
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