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New demand and new power in the electric lifting platform market

by:Powerston     2021-08-16
The new demand and new power of the electric lifting cage platform market is well known. The electric lifting platform market in 2016 was not as good as previously expected. Especially in the lighting market, the entry of a large number of companies and funds did not usher in the expected penetration rate. Have to face the chaotic situation of declining profits and low-price competition. But it is undeniable that there is still a broad space in the electric lifting platform market, and terminal applications will continue to maintain a steady growth trend for a long period of time. How to open the market, avoid low-price competition, how to find new terminal applications, and drive new growth points are all urgent issues for enterprises.   At present, general lighting is undoubtedly the most promising market for electric lifting platforms. However, due to the cost-effectiveness of lighting products of electric lifting platforms and the cognitive acceptance of consumers, the market penetration rate of general lighting for electric lifting platforms is not high. And there are many companies coveting this piece of cake, especially traditional lighting companies that have been cultivating channels for many years and have quickly cut into electric lifting platform products, and powerful international manufacturers are the strongest competitors. But for small and medium-sized electric lifting platform companies, as long as there are special lighting products that meet the individual needs of users, the electric lifting platform lighting market is not without opportunities. At the same time, market segments are increasingly being favored by companies. Plant lighting, medical lighting, entertainment lighting, sports lighting, military lighting, vehicle and aerospace lighting, etc., all attract the attention of entrepreneurs of electric lifting platforms, combined with the companies themselves. Advantages, cutting into the appropriate sub-fields, is the best choice to avoid incandescent competition. As the entrepreneurs said, “Lighting is an industry with very subdivided, very localized, and very special needs in every application field. Products are also diversified. In the case of abundant product diversity and channel diversification, How hard you can eat and eat, how much money you have, and how much power you have. In fact, sometimes, intensive cultivation in certain market segments may not be able to generate economic benefits. '   However, in which segments does the electric lifting platform have the advantages What are the conditions for transforming pilots and demonstrations to popular applications? What are the main problems that electric lifting platforms face in the application of various subdivisions? What are the requirements? What is the business model of electric lifting platform lighting promotion in different application fields? How to effectively improve the market awareness of semiconductor lighting? There is an urgent need for in-depth discussions between practitioners in the field of electric lifting platforms and representatives of the application side.   'The Ninth China International Semiconductor Electric Platform Manufacturers Forum' will be held from November 5th to 7th, 2012 at the Westin Guangzhou Canton Fair. In order to discuss the above-mentioned market issues, gain an in-depth understanding of market segment requirements, and promote application docking in different fields, the afternoon forum on November 6 will hold the 'Semiconductor Lighting Market Summit Forum' with the theme of 'New Demand and New Power'. This forum will invite industry experts and entrepreneurs to deeply analyze the current market situation and make judgments on market trends; at the same time, experts from design institutions and representatives of key areas such as hotels, subways, airports and other key areas will be invited to put forward requirements for specific applications, and cut into electric lifting platforms. The key issues and key points in this field will be analyzed; the two parties will conduct in-depth docking, collision and interactive discussions around the lighting requirements and program design, and various issues that restrict the entry of the electric lifting cage platform. mtgx/72.
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