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Notes for disassembling building maintenance suspended cradle

Notes for disassembling building maintenance suspended cradle


Building maintenance suspended cradle is made of advanced technology, compared with other hanging platform, it is convenient, simple to operate, safe and reliable, low investment and high efficiency. Now we will analyze the disassembly of electric suspended cradle.

1.  When removing the suspended cradle. We should follow the construction plan and implement it under the command of professional staff. Lift working platform down to the ground,  after withdrawing the wire rope from the hoist and safety lock, cut off the power supply. When disassembling the suspension mechanism, the operators and equipment should take safety measures. Parts and components of suspended cradle should not be placed on the edges of buildings after disassembled, and measures should be taken to prevent falling. No part can be dropped from the roof. The suspension platform will be placed on the flat and solid ground when disassembling. Before disassembly, the electric hanging platform should be thoroughly inspected and take records.

2.  Remove the wire rope and cable, and hanging weight, start the down button to pull the wire rope out of the hoist and safety lock. Turn off the power and pull the wire rope in the position of the suspension mechanism. Remove the wire rope from the suspension mechanism  roll it into a disk and tie it tightly. The power cable is removed from the electric cabinet. Lay the power cable to the ground, roll it up and tie it down with a rope. Remove the bolts from the hanging mechanism and remove the reinforcing wire rope and the front and rear supports. Remove the bolts and remove the front, middle and rear beams. Remove the counterweight. Remove the suspension platform, remove the cable plug, power cable, safety lock, elevator, and elevator mounting frame, railing and bottom plate. All parts and components shall be placed neatly in a draughty, dry, sunless and corrosion-free environment.

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