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On-site management regulations for lifting platforms of lifting equipment

by:Powerston     2021-06-21
In order to ensure the normal use of the lifting platform of the lifting cage equipment, carefully study the safety instructions and maintenance regulations of the lifting platform before use, operate and use in strict accordance with the instructions, and strictly prohibit illegal operations. In view of the characteristics of the use of elevator equipment, lifting platforms, and lifting freight elevators, the following on-site management regulations for lifting cage platforms are formulated: 1. On-site equipment management personnel should carry out acceptance inspections on lifting cage platforms, issue acceptance reports, and paste 'lifting platforms' on obvious positions of the lifting platforms Precautions for safe use'. 2. Before using the lifting platform, the on-site personnel need to fill in the application application and submit it to the equipment management personnel for approval. After the approval is passed, the lifting platform can be used. 3. The use of the lifting platform must strictly abide by the 'Elevating Platform Operation ManualThe safe technical performance of the leakage switch on the electric box and the 'hydraulic construction lift' machine ensures safe use. 4. On-site equipment management personnel need to report the use of the lifting platform on time, carefully record the problems encountered by the user, and fill in the maintenance account and maintenance plan according to the use of the lifting platform to improve the effective utilization and safety of the lifting platform Utilization rate, prolong service life.
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