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Operating instructions for mobile scissor lift platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-02
Instructions for use of the mobile scissor lift platform: 1. Inspection: The first time the platform is used (after long-distance transportation or placed for too long), carefully check the hydraulic pipelines and electrical systems to ensure that there is no leakage in the hydraulic pipelines, joints and electrical wiring. Can be used after loosening. 2. Call the outriggers: the outriggers should be fully opened to the baffle position and supported on a solid ground. When necessary, sleepers can be used, and the outriggers can be adjusted to the level by the outrigger screw (visual inspection is sufficient). 3. Test run: point a, press the 'construction lift' control button on the switchboard box under the platform, press the 'stop' control button on the switchboard box when it rises to a height of about 5 meters, and check the hydraulic pipelines and various Whether there is any leakage, scraping, or pressure in the joints and electrical wiring, make sure that the platform is vertically vertical (visual inspection is sufficient) before it can continue to rise to the maximum height of the platform. This step must be repeated when the platform is used for the first time or when the place of use is changed. b Point a, press the 'down' control button on the electric panel box under the platform to lower the platform. Instructions for use of traction and auxiliary lifting cage walking elevator Turn on the walking power supply and observe whether the power is sufficient and whether there are any obstacles around it. Control the direction and turn the handle to move back and forth, left and right. Precautions for lifting cage platform: 1. It is strictly forbidden to use without supporting legs. 2. When working outdoors, it is strictly prohibited to use it when the wind exceeds level 5. 3. After the platform is raised, it is forbidden to move before it falls to the original height. 4. During the use of the platform, it is strictly forbidden to run at high altitude or overload. 5. When the platform fails to work normally, the power source should be cut off in time. 6. It is strictly forbidden to work with the equipment, and non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble or adjust hydraulic valve blocks and electrical components
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