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Operation method of hydraulic lifting platform in automobile application

by:Powerston     2021-08-19
The operation method of hydraulic lifting cage platform in automotive applicationsHydraulic lifting platform has been widely used in many aspects, such as in cars, car lifts, I believe you should have heard of it, so what is his specific operation process? Jinan will introduce you to the operation process of the hydraulic lifting platform after it is applied in the car. 1. Before use, the equipment and sundries that hinder the operation of the elevator should be removed, and the operating handle should be checked whether it is normal. 2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl. 3. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane, adjust the height of the supporting angle rubber pad to make it contact the supporting part of the vehicle chassis. 4. When supporting the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be supported too high, and the four brackets should be locked after being supported. 5. After the hydraulic construction lift platform vehicle enters, the lift support block should be adjusted and moved to align with the specified lifting cage point of the vehicle type. 6. When lifting, personnel should leave the vehicle. When lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted and safety and reliability can be ensured before starting the under-vehicle operation. 7. Except for subsistence allowances and minor repairs, other cumbersome and cumbersome tasks must not be operated on the lifter. 8. The construction lift shall not rise and fall frequently. 9. When supporting the truck, the construction lift must be steady and the landing must be slow. 10. It is strictly forbidden to lift when someone is working. 11. It is found that the operating mechanism is not working properly, the motor is not synchronized, the bracket is not flat or the hydraulic part is leaking, and it should be reported for repair in time, and no disease operation is allowed. 12. After the hydraulic lifting cage platform is completed, the debris should be removed and the area around the lift should be cleaned to keep the site tidy. 138.
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