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Operational regulations and precautions of beam lifting machine for power responsibility

by:Powerston     2021-04-06
The beam lifting machine is a construction hoist specially designed for bridge construction. The beam lifting machine is mainly composed of assembled main beams, outriggers, cranes, etc. The components are connected by pins and high-strength bolts, which are easy to disassemble and transport; compared with ordinary gantry cranes, it is convenient and quick to install, economic and practical. It is suitable for the construction units of roads and bridges with frequent flow. Nowadays, in many road construction sites, beam lifting machines with the title of power are indispensable machinery. Because it plays a very important role in bridge docking. However, it is not an easy task to operate this power responsibility. To operate it, you must go through proper physical examination and strict technical training, and be familiar with the safety precautions of the beam lifting machine before you can go to work. These strict requirements have stopped many people who want to operate it. In this issue, let’s take its operating regulations and safety precautions. 1. The operating regulations of the beam lifting machine: (1) The beam lifting machine operator must pass a medical examination and undergo strict technical training, and be familiar with the structure, principle, performance, operation, maintenance and repair requirements of the beam lifting machine. (2) Aircrew must pass the examination and take up the post with a certificate, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without a certificate. (3) The crew must strictly implement all safety measures and safety warnings before, during and after the operation. (4) The crew must concentrate their energy during the operation, chatting, reading, eating, frolicking and doing things unrelated to the work are strictly prohibited during the operation. (5) Drivers are prohibited from shifting to duty, leaving their duties without authorization, and drinking alcohol before shifts. (6) The crew must wear safety helmets, wear safety belts and non-slip shoes for high-altitude operations, and take measures to keep warm and prevent freezing during winter construction. (7) The crew must be commanded by a dedicated person, command signals must be unified, and the division of labor for multiple positions must be clear and coordinated. (8) The crew should remain relatively stable. (9) Personnel irrelevant to the work are prohibited from entering the lifting beam site, and it is forbidden to throw objects down above the main beam of the beam lifting machine. (10) It is forbidden to modify the lifting procedure, and it is forbidden to change or adjust the safety equipment at will. (11) It is forbidden to repair the equipment arbitrarily without following the instructions, and it is forbidden to modify the function of the components. (12) It is forbidden to use it under the weather exceeding the stipulated climate, and it is forbidden to operate the beam lifting machine when the road is slippery. (13) It is forbidden to carry out beam lifting operations when the lighting conditions are not available and the visibility is low. (14) It is forbidden to operate, shut down and use safety devices in incorrect ways. (15) Observe all safety warnings on the on-site equipment and driver's cab. (16) Comply with all the instructions in the assembly, use, and maintenance manuals so that the parts and equipment functions can be controlled safely and effectively. (17) It is not allowed to keep the limit switch in the automatic closing state for a long time. (18) The beam lifting machine can only be used when the functions of the equipment are normal. (19) Special personnel should monitor important safety equipment such as spreaders, wire ropes, brakes, limit switches, and fill in report forms on a regular basis. 2. Precautions after beam lifting machine operation: (1) After beam lifting machine stops working, the parking brake must be in working condition. (2) The hook is raised and all control handles are in the zero position. (3) Carry out maintenance as required. (4) Send someone to look after. As mentioned above, I hope it will be of some help to the beam hoist that wants to operate this power.
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