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Optimized design of lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-01
Optimized design of the lifting platform Optimize the lifting cage platform to meet the requirements of working fluidity, realize front wheel steering, all-wheel steering, crab steering, multiple steering and rear wheel steering, one of the functions of the optimization simulation system of the lifting platform steering system. The large-scale hydraulic lifting platform steering system, the mathematical model of the electro-hydraulic control system simulation system, the dynamic characteristics of the large-scale lifting platform steering system are simulated and analyzed, and the PID control algorithm is used to make the steering ideal system response speed change smoothly, and the steering system has speed The characteristics of fast, its operation and technology are basically the same, so the deflection relationship between the wheel set during the steering process has been to meet the vehicle steering characteristics, improve the dynamic response of the system and the control accuracy of the steering control system is accurate and stable And quick and sensitive. Process or equipment of large-scale lifting cage platform, lifting and transportation machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, transportation, construction and other large-scale component manufacturing and transportation functions, processing components to speed up the operation progress and shorten the manufacturing cycle. Large hydraulic lifting trolley load. The wheels include two sets of driving wheels arranged on the front right and left, and the remaining four groups are driven wheels, combined with independent modular transport supported by this research. Each group of axles, four tires, wheel construction lift cylinders and related rotating brackets on the top of the supporting left and right wheels deflection drive the rotating bracket steering mechanism. The four-wheel independent steering technology of the large lifting trolley, the deflection range and the deflection of the wheels are very accurate, and the electronic operation can realize various steering: front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, all-wheel steering and crab steering improve the maneuverability of the large-scale lifting cage platform Sex. The developed large-scale lifting platform steering system, hydraulic control system is based on PLC controller and simulation system to complete. Study the dynamic response characteristics and access control accuracy of the system.
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