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Pay attention to safety issues during the use of hydraulic lifting platforms

by:Powerston     2021-07-06
Pay attention to safety issues during the use of hydraulic lifting platforms.    platforms are very common equipment in construction, which can be used for high-altitude operations and can be used for cargo handling. At present, hydraulic lifting platform is the most common type, convenient and safe to use, so it is widely used. However, due to high-altitude operations, hydraulic lifting cage platforms should pay attention to safety issues during use. 1. The mobile hydraulic lifting platform must be used on a flat ground, and the lifting platform must be level. 2. The hydraulic lifting platform must support the legs before it can be used. 3. The hydraulic lifting platform is raised by more than 10 when working outdoors. It is necessary to keep in mind the wind-proof rope when the meter is 4, the outdoor operation of the hydraulic lifting cage platform is forbidden to work at heights under windy weather 5. The hydraulic lifting cage platform is not allowed to be overloaded or connected to unstable voltage to cause burnout of the accessory box.  Hydraulic lifting platform should pay attention to safety issues during use, and the operator must master the operation method of lifting platform by number. Generally speaking, we recommend that operators must participate in the training on the use of hydraulic lifting platforms, master all the contents related to the operation of hydraulic lifting platforms, and ensure safe operation.
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