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Periodic Inspection Of Double Cage Construction Building Hoist (i)

Periodic Inspection Of Double Cage Construction Building Hoist (i)


Conversion double cage construction building hoist is used for high-rise buildings, considering the safety issue, it must be inspected regularly. Note: Note: the main power supply must be cut off before the inspection, and the maintenance can only be conducted after 10 minutes.

(I)     Daily inspection

1.      Check whether the main switch and contactor of the external power box are closed, and the safety switch on the door of the external cage; Open the outer cage door, the hanging cage should not start.

2.      Check the upper and lower limit switches, speed limit switches, limit switches and iron striking reliable and effective

3.      Carry out the safety test of the following switches one by one, and the hanging cage cannot be started each time.

Open the cage single door

Open the cage double doors

Open the trap door

Touch the rope break protection switch

 Press the emergency stop button

4.      Check the hanging cage and channel should be free of obstacles

5.      Check the anastomosis gap between gears and ensure that the gap is 0.2mm-0.5mm

6.      Check whether the electric control box of the cage top and the cooling fan of the resistance inside the cage top are rotating and whether the resistance is heating normally. Check the frequency converter is abnormal heating and exceeding rating

(II)     Weekly inspection

1.      Check the fixing condition of driving bottom plate bolts

2.      Check lubrication parts and make sure they are well lubricated. Check the lubricating oil of reducer. If there is oil leakage or insufficient oil, add lubricating oil.

3.      Check pinion, guide and roller, all wall bracket connections, all standard joint bolts and fastening bolts of gear strip,they should be securely connected

4.      Check the cable bracket and cable protection bracket should have no loose or  bolts displaced

5.      Check the wheel rotation is flexible, no abnormal sound, and the joint is tight

6.      Check whether the guide wheel is rotating flexibly, whether the wire rope is broken or deformed, and whether the end of the rope is firmly connected

7.      Check whether the motor and reducer have abnormal heating and noise.


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