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Periodic Inspection Of Double Cage Construction Building Hoist (ii)

Periodic Inspection Of Double Cage Construction Building Hoist (ii)


( C) Quarterly inspection

1.    Check the bearings of rollers, each pulley and guide wheel, and adjust and replace them according to the situation

2.    Check the wear of roller and adjust the gap between roller and riser to 0.5mm.

3.    Check insulation resistance of motors and circuits, metal enclosure of electrical equipment and grounding resistance of metal structure

4.    Do a fall test to check the reliability of the speed limiter

5.    Check the wear condition of brake disc or brake block

6.    Check whether the external terminals, unit screws and connector are loose

7.    Check whether the heat dissipation resistance and frequency converter power elements are dusty, check whether there is abnormal sound and vibration of each cooling fan

(D) Annual inspection

1.    Check the cable. Repair and replace it immediately if it is damaged or aged

2.    Check whether the rubber block of coupling between reducer and motor is aged and damaged

3.    Check all parts and components thoroughly and carry out maintenance and replacement

4.    Check whether the frequency converter's filter electrolytic capacitor is abnormal, such as color change, odor, etc

5.    Check the wear condition of reducer turbine

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